Allah and Elohim: Are They the Same God?, Author signed copy


Allah and Elohim: Are They the Same God?

Author: Sherly Isaac

On 11 September 2001, the whole world watched the most horrific and painful event taking place before their eyes- Terrorists attacked the United States' World Trade Center and the Pentagon by using planes as guided missiles- Both of the 110-story buildings of World Trade Center collapsed within one hour, and more than 3,000 people died-

These events have raised many serious questions about the religion of Islam, Allah, Mohammed and Muslims because all the 19 hijackers were Muslims, and they did this horrible act purposely, to kill thousands of people- Many are looking for answers and many are curious to know more about Islam---the world's second largest religion- Many are curious to know what Jihad is and why Muslim young men behaved like this- Many are asking, "are not Allah and Elohim/Yahweh God same? Are the Muslims worshipping the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob?

In this book I have tried to delve into the scriptures of both the Quran and the Bible to find out answers to the questions- I have compared God of the Bible and Allah to know whether the Christians and the Muslims worship the same God or not- I hope this book will help clear most of the questions troubling your mind-

May the Almighty God open your eyes of understanding, so that you may know the truth and be blessed!

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    5.0 out of 5 stars Another Truth-teller Hits the Market, February 27, 2003
    This review is from: Allah & Elohim: Are They the Same God? (Paperback)

    ...This book, superior to the previous one by the same author, lays out plainly the differences between the Biblical God and the Allah of Islam. While not going into as much depth as it could, it certainly does a superb job of illustrating the stark differences between Muslim and Christian/Jewish conceptions of God. My only wish would be that it would expound more on the pre-Islamic pagan origins of Allah as the moon god, titled "al-ilah" - which could conceivably be a book in and of itself. Allah's name evolved from the title given all across the Arabian peninsula before Mohammed to various astral deities, primarily lunar deities. There are even stories that can be found in very early Muslim source traditions which refer to pre-Islamic Arabians worshipping in the Kaabah, praying to "allah" while standing before idols of Hubal, a god who at various times was a god of storms, the moon, the sky, etc...

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